Topical Discussion Meeting - The SEP Scoreboards — a discussion on improving the scoreboards with input from the community

Philip Quinn (NASA), Mark Dierckxsens (BIRA-IASB), Mike Marsh (Met Office)
Thu, 11:30-12:45, Water

The SEP Scoreboards developed by NASA/CCMC are automated systems where model developers from the science community can have their model predictions displayed together in real-time. There are three variations: SEP Probability Scoreboard, SEP Intensity Scoreboard, and SEP All-clear Scoreboard. The usability of the scoreboards is currently driven by NASA/SRAG for use in operations during the upcoming Artemis missions. However, any other forecaster or operational groups can use these scoreboards and push development for their own use. Therefore, the purpose of this TDM is to discuss how the SEP Scoreboards can be improved for use by everyone. In this session, we will discuss the following questions:
1) Are there new features that can be added to the SEP Scoreboards that are desired by other operational groups or forecasters?
2) Are there any model developers from the European community that want their model predictions displayed on the SEP Scoreboards?
3) What other variations of the SEP Scoreboards would the community like to see (e.g., fluence, dose)?

The session will also present the following:
1) A live demo of the SEP Scoreboards
2) Current scoreboard development
3) Using the scoreboards for real-time validation
4)Recent results from the SEP Model Validation Challenge

Relevant links: probabilities; Intensity; allclear;challenges

TDM slides