Topical Discussion Meeting - Future instrument needs for space weather

Melanie Heil (ESA), Piers Jiggens (ESA)
Fri, 11:30-12:45, Fire

With raising awareness of space weather impacts and maturing space weather services, closing the current data gap with low latency and continuous measurements is becoming more and more important. As science measurements of today become operationalised in space weather of tomorrow, science or technology demonstrator missions may be consulted to provide guidance on suitable instruments, but due to the requirements and constraints of space weather missions the instrumentation may well need adaptions. The discussion should pin-point the measurements for which services are sufficiently mature to justify provisioning those operationally, identify critical gaps in space weather data, as well as discuss availability and development needs of respective space weather instruments. The topic will be introduced by two short talks (5-min), then inviting instrument developers or space weather analysts to motivate with a single slide why an operational version of an instrument should be developed for space weather monitoring. Please contact the conveners if you would like to contribute.