Topical Discussion Meeting - The prototype SafeSpace space weather service

Ioannis Daglis (Univ of Athens), Sebastien Bourdarie (ONERA), Christos Katsavrias (Univ of Athens)
Tue, 10:45-12:00, Fire

We present the SafeSpace space weather service and request comments and feedback from the end-users and all interested colleagues. The service has been developed in the framework of the EU H2020 funded SafeSpace project over the past 3 years by a consortium of eight European partners. It includes the whole space weather chain from the Sun through the interplanetary space and into the inner magnetosphere and provides indicators of high-energy electron radiation.

The service is already available on-line. It features indicators of the forecasted level of high-energy electron fluxes in comparison with long-time historical data, i.e. the probability of occurrence of medium-high fluxes and of extremely high fluxes. These indicators are provided for three distinct orbit types, namely for GEO (geosynchronous), LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and GNSS-MEO (Medium Earth Orbit of Global Navigation Satellite Systems).
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